Sunday, March 01, 2015

Old Free's Reunion Dinner [Class of 77]

So, it was still Chinese New Year. Those who were overseas flew back to celebrate this traditional occasion with family and friends. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, there's a gathering for old friends held at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Why choose that place? I don't know... but it's definitely not for the food. Be careful what you wished for. I wished to have food in hotels and I got my fair shares of hotel food. Park Royal Hotel stays on top of my list. Evergreen Laurel is at the bottom most even further below the economy rice outside my house. Sorry, Evergreen Laurel. My Malay neighbour can cook better... *sigh*
Food is just a common connector. Some people might feel out of the place so they find solace in burying themselves in a big plate of fried rice or salad. And in every reunion or celebration, food is highly involved. Since food is just to connect people and make those who have no idea who were these people whom they call schoolmates were, it's better to discuss about food, or to talk over food. This event was a success thanks to a late friend of theirs who died suddenly of cardiac arrest while diving. He's a diving instructor. *My wish to take diving license disappeared into thin air... the hubby will not agree* Because of his sudden death, it was like a wake-up call to everyone of them that life is short and push aside all differences, they have known each other since 7 years old or 13 years of age. It's already a long way calling each other friends, why not just keep up with that. *Got me thinking, maybe I should start inviting my own classmates over for dinner. I don't even remember my primary school friends who are chatting away in the group page* Because of this one man, the class of 77 came to life again they have group chat in Watsapp which pings every few minutes so hubby has to turn off the notifications or I would throw his smartphone away and hand him one of the antique phones we have somewhere in our safekeeping. You remember the Motorola phone PCN600? It's still around somewhere. 
Hubby brought me along... for a purpose or two. First, I am the driver. He sat behind me then I went to fetch his friend also. Both also sit at the back. I was short of two steps or I would be a professional chauffeur - to get down of the car and open the doors for them to get in and out. Secondly, I was around to be his unpaid photographer, for that, I'm about to ask him to get me a 3-D lens before I embark on another long journey. 
I was hungry. I think I'm hungry round-the-clock. So, I made the best out of everything that's been served. Hubby peeled the prawns for me so I can keep my fingers clean.
The hams... I learnt something new today. Everything that looks beautiful, may not be good but, everything that is good, is surely beautiful. Then mi mama said that sometimes even awful food may become delicious just because how they decorate the food on the platter. Anyway, the main reason for today's get-together was not focused on food.
It was of lost friendship found again, disconnected yet connected once again. It's friendship restored.
Boys, will be boys no matter how old they are. I think this guy forgotten that there's a lady holding a camera waiting for all to be seated to take the group photo. I used hand signals for them to sit and focus on the lens. They were too happy to concentrate on anything. It's a little bit of conversation here and there.

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