Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 9: Blossoming Spring in Alishan...

~ 22nd March 2014 ~
We were done having breakfast in Alishan Gou hotel. We wanted to crawl back to sleep but we were on holiday. Spending whatever time sleeping didn't sound right at all. So, we packed up our stuff so that when it's time to leave, we could just grabbed our stuff and go. We went loitering around Alishan Gou Hotel. Definitely, there was no mistake at all staying there.
I couldn't really remember where was this bridge at. The view of 'Salem High Country' was superb. The sky was blue as the shrouding mist has not make it's way over yet. That's my travel buddy which I will be meeting soon. 
After looking at so many flowers, we totally had no idea what kinda cherry blossoms were we looking at. I should study more on plants next time before any spring trip or it would really be a torture needing to ask around. Shouldn't the authorities put up sign to state the name of those plants? Oh, even if it's written in Chinese, would not make any different to me. Please write in the international language to cater to the international tourists. If I'm not mistaken, that's the Somei Yoshino, or just known as yoshino cherry. It's a Japanese kind of cherry blossom. It's white in colour with red in the middle. I'm not giving any botany lesson here. Just thought that one should be more equipped with such knowledge of just saying that everything is blossoming tree is cherry blossom up in Alishan.
This is by most the most famous kawazu-zakura blossom. The famous sakura that everybody wants to see. It's pink in colour and from a bird's flight view zone, the pink will be amazing. We didn't have much of that like what you will get to see in Japan. Maybe we should all pack our luggage and go to the land of the rising sun to experience the blossoming sakura instead. We have anticipated that we would bankrupt ourselves in Japan by eating round the clock. Both of us loved Japanese cuisine to the max~!
Another picture of the pinky sakura. I love the shade of pink very much. 
That bell-shaped blossoming tree was more attractive according to my eyes. The pink was of a darker shade, almost to red. That's kanhizakura, another type of cherry blossom that can bloom during the cold winter. I think it's waiting for us to go there as we were there in the beginning of spring time. No close-up photos of that as the tree was beyond our reach. Those were the three that we met in Alishan. Quite a good experience spending so much just to look at blossoming flowers and sea of clouds and cypress trees. If I'm a Taiwanese, I wouldn't bother at all to look at such things.

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