Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 9: The Shrouding Mist of Alishan...

~ 22nd March 2014~
Anyone who has been to Alishan would have the chance to watch the formation of the mist starting at an hour before noon around 12p.m. Just take your eyes off from the smartphone screen and start taking in your surrounding. You will be amazed by what you see.
At the break of dawn, we were witnessing a natural phenomena which we would never see in our own home countries. My travel buddy and I were from two different countries. So, we were gawking at clouds like we've never seen clouds before. It's different from looking from outside the plane and it's different if you're looking from the window of your bedroom. It's definitely different looking at the sea of clouds. By late noon, you will not be able to see the sea of clouds anymore. Instead, you can see that the clouds are disintegrating. Mind my wrong usage of words. I have no words to explain all this.
The clouds started leaving each other. One by one, they started to float away from the crowd.
You see that? I think we took this while sitting around outside Alishan Gou Hotel. We had nothing to do and there were benches for people to sit around and just enjoy the view. There were a few Westerners who were asleep on the bench. There were more people making their way up to the mountain. It's a huge crowd. It's so huge I think the population of tourist in Alishan exceed that of the local villagers.
Fancy going to a foreign country just to look at clouds. You must have thought that there's no clouds in my country ground. We must have nothing better to do at that point of time. Actually, yeah... we totally have nothing to do. We just sat there and while away our time waiting for the shuttle to ferry us to the station down below to wait for another van to take us down to high speed rail station. I even recorded the shrouding mist so that we get to have that feel once again when the weather is too hot.

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