Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 10: Goodbye Kaohsiung, Hello Kending~!

~ 23rd March 2014 ~
By the time we crossed over back from Cijin Island, the sun has set. It was getting dark and we still couldn't think of how were we going to travel to Kending. We were not even worried about that. There were some stalls along the road and we stopped to get something to munch. There was a temple there, must be the famous temple where everybody visited. No photos, as not to defile the camera. We took our own sweet time to walk. There's no more element of rushing. It just disappeared.
I think I had the sausages while Pinky had that flattened fish cakes on skewers. I have no idea what we ate but I saw something that made me lose my appetite.
I wonder whether that big huge pot was the famous oyster rice vermicelli. Sometimes, my brain works overtime when it shouldn't be doing so. I looked at the brim of the huge pot and it was stained with gravy which has splashed out while stirring. The pot was so big, it was bigger than our nasi kandar's kawah. Then, I was thinking if they couldn't finish selling, what would they do with the unfinished food? Recycle or throw away? It was a really huge pot and really if you need to throw them away, it can feed a whole village. Thus, I didn't dare to even try a sip.
After getting our food, we had to take the train back to wherever we came from . Again, I have no idea where we came from. Don't even know where's the minsu. Don't even know the name of the minsu. Oh, well. I saw this advertisement in the train. I had a good laugh at the name Curry University. I was thinking to myself, why would anyone want to study in such a university? I can cook better curry, should I open one as well? Curries worldwide taste differently, and I have a book with 500 curry recipes. In the end, mi madre translated that it's a restaurant where you can get your food delivered with 5 or more orders. A moment ago I thought Taiwan has gone crazy with their food that they needed a university to experiment with food. As crazy as how Beijing has Fengshui University.
Then, I turned my head and had another good silent laugh. The guy was wearing a floral-printed shirt. I wouldn't even wear that. I know I'm mean. Okay, but I like his tiger backpack. I saw that in Danshui's night market but I had no idea how to carry that bag home. We were already overloaded with so much excess baggage and if I get this one, I think we'll all be thrown out of the plane home. I prefer the Siberian tiger's bag.
While we're approaching the minsu, actually still very far away, we saw a group of taxi drivers sitting around and talking. One old man approached me and asked whether we needed a taxi service. I told him yes and when he asked where to, I straight away told him - to Kending County. He asked us to wait while he asked around for us. While waiting, we 'robbed' Patty of whatever cash she has in exchange of Pinky's Renmimbi. Yeah, we're poor again. We needed cash to travel. After we got our cash, the taxi man came and said there's a van sending a few passengers to Kending and it's so perfect that the van has three more empty seats. You see why were we not worried at all? Keep calm, God is in control. The van driver even took us back to our minsu where we parked our luggage and Patty has to take back her scooter. The van driver was also very nice to wait for Patty and I to go to the nearest and largest electrical shop to get a few memory cards. Yeah, I blew my memory cards to the max after ten days.It was a hurried goodbye to Patty and I'll always remember her for her kindness and hospitality. Before we knew it, we had our luggage packed up in the van and off we went for a two hours drive down south.

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