Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 11: The Pacific Ocean from Longpan Park, Kenting...

~ 24th March 2014 ~
We had no idea where were we heading towards. The road was quite secluded. If we were kidnapped, we wouldn't even know it. Then the road became windy with trees on both sides. We have no map with us. No plan of whatsoever.
Then, an odd-looking building came into our view. What's that huge dome for? What's the whole place about? A few words caught my eye. Something like it's a military building as there's a soldier guarding at the entrance. It must be to protect the shoreline from aliens. Our driver then parked his car quite a short distance from the building. I thought we were going into the building but in the end, he took us for a long walk to nowhere.

The nowhere proved to be the best place ever~! We were ooh-ing and ahh-ing and jumping around because it was our first time catching a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. I only read the word 'Pacific Ocean' from the atlas, other than that I couldn't imagine the colour of it. 
IT was so blue it must be very deep. Excuse my geographical knowledge regarding this. The sound of the crashing waves were so much stronger than what I've ever heard. Just the look of the waves rolling in was exciting. We couldn't get enough of it and thus, we spent an hour or so standing at the same spot. If I was crazier, I would have run downhill and make a slow crawl back up. Those dark patches on dry land were shadow of passing clouds.
The wind was the speed of a speeding Ferrari. I'm serious, if you're planning to wear a hat, it would surely fly off. Don't even plan to fly a kite there. You might fly along with your kite :D
Fancy stepping on dried coral reefs on a hilltop? According to the driver, the whole land lifted up from the sea when the biggest earthquake shook the country. That I'll have to believe or else how would you explain dried corals on hilltop? Finally, it's time to go.
When we first arrived, there weren't many people but as we were leaving, the humans appeared from nowhere.
Goodbye... I was satisfied with just the first stop. I don't mind going back to the hotel to have a good sleep...

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