Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 10: Off to Cijin Island in Kaohsiung...

~ 23rd March 2014 ~
After lunch, we started walking street after street. I totally have no idea where were we heading towards. I asked and the place sounded like Cingjing, somewhere in another county where you can feed the sheep and the yak. Then, we came to this Gushan Ferry Pier. Looks like we were going to an island. I was totally not prepared for this so I was really excited. Something that's not in our itinerary at all. I was really looking forward to see what's in the island. The ferry looked overloaded with passengers but it's just a short distance. I know, that's what everybody says until tragedy strikes.
Along Kaohsiung's waterfront, there were lots of cafes and places with chairs nicely arranged. Too bad that we never have the extra time to take a leisure stroll along the waterfront. We walked in big steps all the way.
That's how the ferry looked like. So unlike our ferries which were similar with those from Hong Kong. The travel to Taiwan really opened up my mind. I realized that life back home is somewhat backward living. There's just so much live in every corner of the country.
As I was looking through the photos, I realized I have captured the Tuntex Sky Tower without my knowledge. God is good, ain't He? It was in my itinerary to capture the tallest building in Kaohsiung from somewhere near and in the end, I have it in my memory card all along without knowing it. I can strike of Tuntex Sky Tower from my invisible list of 'places to go to in Kaohsiung' now. Finally, after more than a year... You know, it's really different seeing places with your own eyes than browsing through them from printed pages or just photos by others. It's just... different.
The port of Kaohsiung is mentioned is one of the busiest place. It was indeed really busy with boats and ships of all sizes going in and out from all directions. I wonder whether that's a fishing boat or not...
Thinking through, I prefer a quiet life now... with no traffic jam will be the best option.

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