Thursday, June 04, 2015

Judz 16th Birthday *khok khok khok*

I'm the narrator of this story. Hi~! I'm Pink Piggy. It was time to celebrate Judz' 16th birthday. Mode of transportation?
 Of course we went with a rickshaw. You don't expect us piggies to drive right? Can you imagine facing to your right and seeing four piggies in a car chewing on carrot sticks? Funny there were only two piggies there where were the other two? The other two were pushing from the back. Can't see them coz' if you could see them then they were huge gigantic piggies, the whole city will fled upon seeing them.
Naaahhh... that story was all wrong. We were four cute colourful piggies. The story was like this, four little piggies hopped along Penang Road and ended up somewhere near Nagore Place. Us four piggies snorted our way to Naughty Nuri's Warung. One must always call ahead to book for a place or else one would be turned away due to lack of seats. Us piggies went head on and placed our orders. Of course the camera has to work first before the culling of pigs begin.

Pork ribs and pork chops and bebek duck.... the cheesy wedges was the best of all. I'm not going to comment on the food. We enjoyed ourselves....
Piggies were actually humans... hehehe.... Happy Birthday Judz~! This post is one month overdue. I'm no longer that up to date blogger. Quite a nice place with piggy deco... I like~!
Eat till fat fat~! Happy piggy~! Nice to be the four musketeers~!
You don't need a tripod. Just need a flat place to put the camera.... hehehehehe.....

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