Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 11: Guanshan - Perfect for Sunset....

~ 24th March 2014 ~
Our driver told us that we would make another stop and then whatever he said just went in and out of my ears. We told him as long as the place was without crowd we would be okay with it. When our driver stopped at the car park, we were elated to see that it was totally empty, with not even a soul there and definitely not even one express bus to be seen. 
We took our time looking for the map of the place. We found it. So, the main attraction was the temple but we have no interest in temples or any sort of religious buildings. I just realized that I have taken the same photograph as what was shown on the information board.
There.... there.... I just made some research about this place. So, we were staring into part of Hengchun Peninsular. More like looking at a town by the Pacific Ocean. Are they not afraid to stay there with the waves and all? What if the waves decide to turn into monsters and eat them whole?
Please enlarge that photo. I think I did a great job taking that photo. It was a clear view of the building and you can look into the windows as well. I don't remember taking such nice photos until I'm going through it now. I find that I've taken lots of superb photos for this trip. Some might not like the photos but I like what I have. The beauty of each photo depends on how you look at it.
The sun was shining brightly at us. We didn't know what else to see other than the town sprawled all over the place and the vast blue ocean. It's a beauty and the best part was no humans or whatsoever. I really took my time taking photos. We became the slow tourists all tour guides dislike. I wonder what our driver was thinking while waiting for us in the car. We spent at least an hour or more here in one corner viewing the sea and the land. Our joy was then cut short when we heard a lady's voice over a loudspeaker. You couldn't have loudspeaker in a jungle right? Then we started hearing footsteps like there's going to be a stampede and more loud voices spoken in mainland Chinese dialect. We squirmed in our skin and I started packing up the speed of lightning. When ran for our lives when we could see human figures marching our way. It's kinda funny thinking back on how fast we really ran.
It was quite a long way down and since they have taken over our spot, we found a place to rest. They couldn't be that fast right? Anyway we're almost done I guess. I saw another view deck which was deserted as well.
I just read about this place, Guanshan. It's listed as the 5th or 8th place for the best place in the world to view sunset. The sun did not plan to set that early though. It was just around 4p.m. when we arrived. If I knew about this place and decided to wait until the sun sets, I think the driver would have driven off without us. But if the driver is a responsible person, he might leave his car and come looking for us.
Now, I'm very confuse with the source of electricity in Hengchun. Is it powered by wind or nuclear or both?
The nuclear power plants is just there and if anything happens to the nuclear power plant such as leakage or explosion, we have to get out of the red circle as fast as possible. I only know about that after I have one of my translators looking at this photo. Thank God kids who can translate or I will never know what that circle means.

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