Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 11: Maobitou Park, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area...

~24th March 2014~
We were on our way to somewhere. The most interesting part about this trip in Pintung County was, the three of us totally had no idea which part of the place we were at, what were we going to say, what to expect and how many places of interest did we miss out. We were clueless of this place. On our way to Maobitou, I captured this from the speeding car. Now that I'm back, if you enlarge the photo, you can see a number of cars and humans at the man-made rocks. There were at least three people fishing there and I wonder whether the country made bays appear out of nowhere.
We had no idea what the heck was Maobitou. Direct translation would mean Cat Nose Head. We didn't see cat, nose or head but the wind could fly a stick-thin person away. Sometimes the seastorm could be so bad that the place would be shut down. There were so many taking photos there, so why not join the crowd?
The wind was really strong but I am heavy enough to anchor myself to the ground. Until today, more than a year later, only I know that we were looking at Dapeng Bay, part of the Scenic Area enlisted for tourism. 
We spent some time there because whenever my camera tags along, my camera would want to have more time. So, I allow my camera to enjoy itself while we made sure we were not flown away.
The crowd on our right was really scary. We were actually contemplating whether to join the crowd or not. We had no idea why were people climbing up the rock in throngs. Would the rock collapse one day? If the rock does not disappear because of soil erosion, it will disappear under the human weight. Since we were already there, why not join the crowd? We won't be there again. There's no again in our list unless it's something worth doing again.
Shouldn't the park set one way to go up and another way to come down? These mainland tourists really push and shove and they stop at the stairs abruptly as they wish. The human traffic was so heavy, it was no surprise if one of us suffer from agoraphobia. 
We pushed and we shoved our way to get to the rock that we were suppose to see. Actually we overheard the tour guides for other tour groups of what to see from the top. It's suppose to be a piece of rock with the shape of a crouching cat. What I see according to my understanding was a cute teddy bear or it looked more like Simba, from the Lion King when it was just a cute little cub. Since it was so difficult to get a good spot to take photos, after I pushed my way through and got a spot, I refused to budge.
That's the little bear from afar.... at first I taught I got the wrong rock altogether as I was looking for a cat's mouse until I Googled for the place and read about the crouching cat story.
There.... there.... wasn't that a bigger looking bear? There were definitely no pointy ears of a cat's.
A nearer look spoils it all. Sometimes your figment of imagination makes everything more beautiful. There was a cave-hold down there. It's gonna disappear soon due to soil erosion. Are they gonna make a fake one to replace it if it's gone forever? Yeah, so I went to another country and joined crowd of thousands just to look at pieces of rock formation and we got excited doing so. 

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