Saturday, March 17, 2012

29th of February 2012

That was the day I left for a trip. Waited for Judz to pick me up, tried to sleep for awhile but ended up caressing my little doggie. He asked to go out so I opened the door for him. He tried to pass motion but nothing came out. His legs were too weak to support his little self. I took him back in and called mama to take him to the vet. Smother him with kisses and more kisses. Judz came and I was surprised to see hubby came also. We had a hearty breakfast in Jalan Tengah with my favourite roti telur and wan than noodles plus a plate of siew mai.Waited for my flight to Kuala Lumpur. Every passenger was aboard and the pilot planned to take off earlier. See how good AirAsia is? It has never been late whenever I was aboard. A problem occurred. The censor for the luggage compartment was still on which meant the luggage compartment was not locked at all. The technician drove his cute little buggy over to check out the problem. Problem settled. The plane continued to taxi away from the main building. Same problem occurred and this time round we had to taxi back to the main building for further checks by the technicians. This couldn't be happening right? I took my pda out of my bag, switched it on and started sending out short messages to my mama, hubby and Judz to knock heaven's door for a better technician. I asked God to send His angels to repair whatever technical problems the plane was facing. After hearing the opening and closing of the luggage compartment at the belly of the plane, it was good to take off. Praise God for that or else everyone would be complaining about AirAsia and it's delayed flight again. Next time you encounter any problem, start praying instead of putting the blame on AirAsia.Arrived safely at LCC terminal and I had a lonely lunch at McDonald's with my favourite Spicy Chicken McDeluxe ala carte and a big cup of ice smoothie. That was seriously a very lonely lunch no doubt there was a sea of people floating by. I have checked in my less than 20kg of luggage before getting my meal. I was amazed to see the Indian nationals buying so many LCD televisions. One of them told me that it was cheaper than what they can get in India itself. A difference of roughly around RM1 000. Hhhmmm... they must be richer than I am to come all the way to Malaysia just to be a television. I don't even have one at home, anyway I don't watch television so it doesn't hurt me. I was neutral to that.There were a few things that I find myself doing during a flight. I looked out of the small rectangular window and stared at the clouds. Clouds appear in different shapes and sizes. Some looked fluffy, some looked dirty, some looked like it was gonna disappear anytime soon. After staring into the clouds for a long time, I would wonder to myself how did God do all that? Then, I stared at people sitting beside me. Sleeping... boring... but I prefer not to speak to strangers.The best part of having the window seat was I can pull the shades down or pull it up whenever I like it and as I wish it. I don't have to crane my neck to look out of the small window. And I love looking at the sunset. It was just so beautiful.I finished reading Postcard Killers by James Patterson on the flight to Shenzhen. Four hours flat with half an hour delayed. Delayed due to heavy air traffic in Kuala Lumpur. Again, nothing to do with AirAsia. Looks like I'm singing praises to AirAsia in hope to get a free return ticket to... to... anywhere that I want to go. *sigh* I'm dreaming again. Anyway, while the plane was approaching Shenzhen I was hoping to see the whole place lighted up like when the plane was reaching Melbourne. I only saw total darkness. The lady beside me kept asking me to see whether we were about to land or not. I only saw too unblinking stars... they weren't star, were they? There was a half moon and total darkness. I was staring into the inky blackness of the surrounding until suddenly I heard the tyres of the planes hitting the airport runway. You gotta be kidding right? Such a gigantic country yet I felt that the plane has plunged into total darkness except for the red, blue and green lights on the airport runway. Oh, okay. I've finally arrived. I captured the snapshot of the half moon.Another surprise~! We didn't have to walk to the building instead we were taken by the shuttle bus. Immigration was kinda scary, coolly unfriendly but I thanked God for the few English words displayed. You do not know how my face turned completely green looking at everything Chinese with no translations of English or Malay Language.Reached Pinky's house after 17 stops of the MTR from Airport East to OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) which was really like living in Singapore. The vast difference that I noticed was the whole China was mostly plunged in total darkness with hardly any street lights or just a few dimly lit street lights, so I was thinking to myself they can't be saving electricity for the whole country, right? It proved that the whole city was really saving electricity. I will remind myself to bring a torchlight next time. When the clock struck 12 in the morning, there was a power cut and I was about to take a shower. *sigh* I was again thinking to myself,"Why is there a power cut in the middle of the night when it is a developed country that I'm in?" The explanation that I received was it has something to do with the substation or the main station, whichever that was, it has something to do with the rotation of of... oh, forget it... I don't even know how to explain it.

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