Friday, March 16, 2012

A Tribute to My Smart Dog...

I miss him so much. He's not abused okay, no doubt the body looks battered. He tried to live on but his system still wants to shut down. Oh, how I cried in my sleep missing him terribly when he was put to sleep, to ease him of his burden. I was thousand of miles away but I did shower him with lots of kisses in the morning before leaving for China.

We named him Blackie for his silky black coat when he first arrived. Where did he come from? We didn't buy him from the pet shop neither did we get him from any of our friends. He's a miniature pincher that got himself lost during the last flood at our housing area. He saw mi mama walking by the roadside and decided to follow mi mama home. He walked into our humble little pigeon hole and refused to get out. He decided to make our home his home, too. And since then, when he went for an evening walk, got bored of walking, he would led mi mama home. Home is where the heart is and my little dog knew it well.

He was our ninth doggie in the house. When our eighth died due to hernia, we decided not to have any more pets as it was extremely painful to lose a pet. When he came, we were thinking of asking him to leave but he was adamant to stay no matter how small our house was. He made sure that he kept the house clean. He didn't even shit or pee in the house. He would wait until he was led out. He went for morning walks, evening walks and night walks. He did more walks during the weekends. If he had a tummy upset, he would have no choice but to dirty the house but in the end he cleaned up the mess. He would grab a clean piece of cloth and cover the mess, if the mess was unbearable, he would use more pieces of cloth to cover it up. There was once that he accidentally spilt his whole bowl of water, he pushed the bowl under the kitchen cabinet and then used the cloth to wipe the spilt water. Ain't he smart and thoughtful?

He's twelve years old already. He has cataract in his right eye. He has no more teeth but he was still as smart. The neighbours love him regardless of race. My doggie can understand Chinese, English and Malay languages. Truly a Malaysian multi-lingual dog. We thought he was dying two years ago but he pulled through and survived. It was time to let go this time. He has no more strength to carry on.

I shall never want to have a pet in the house. A dog is a man's best friend. And this little doggie of mine is irreplaceable.

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