Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Western Market in OCT...

After we were done walking around the Ecology Park, we met grandma who was going to the wet market to get some fresh fish and vegetables for lunch. Grandma goes to the market every morning. So, we tagged along and I was amazed to see aquariums with fishes swimming like those that can only be seen in expensive seafood restaurants back at home. Grandma said they will only buy healthy and alive and swimming fish. Everything there was very very much alive unless for a few that couldn't survive the many days of not being chosen to end up in the wok. The floor was wet but there was no fishy smell in the clean market. I saw a stone fish. Stone fish~!! I've never seen one in my whole life and definitely have never tried eating it. I asked for the price and grandma has never seen it herself, too. Neither has Pinky seen one. I decided to buy the fish so that grandma can cook it for lunch for the whole family. I did some mental calculation for conversion rate from Malaysian Ringgit to Chinese yuan. Malaysian Ringgit doubled the value of Chinese yuan so I wouldn't mind the price. That fish cost only 49 yuan. I captured the process of skinning the fish in video, uploaded in YouTube, uploaded in my Facebook but too lazy to put it here. Baby abalone~!! I want~! I want~!! I bought a few of that, too. It was only 5 yuan for one baby abalone which was equivalent to RM2.50 or USD$0.75 which was dirt cheap. I regretted not buying all because the next day we went to the market, there was no more baby abalone. We went to another market which sells only fresh seafood but the baby abalone doubled the price of this one. This was the section selling pork. I have no interest in eating or buying pork so we went ahead. Chicken, duck and goose were all still alive and flapping their wings. If you want to get a whole chicken, you will have to wait for the person in charge to kill it, undress it and I don't know what else they do. Vegetables. Nothing much to say about vegetables... just vegetables. Nothing special. They live to eat vegetables while I survive on meat and thrive on seafood. *ROAR*

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