Friday, March 16, 2012

And My Heart Bleeds...

... for the people in the land of my forefathers. The two weeks spent in China had been a wonderful experience, an eye-opener on how the people live their lives. We're of the same race but of different nationality. Right until now, I'm very proud to announce to the world that I'm a Malaysian. Born and bred in Malaysia. Simply MADE IN MALAYSIA.

Living in a nutshell? That might be partially true. A modern nation but yet at the same time -outdated. The irony of a mammoth developed country where the advancement of technology was far beyond my understanding yet, I do not have access to my e-mail accounts and Facebook and blog. I couldn't blog because blogger was banished from that country and same goes to my dearest Facebook and Google Mail. There were only Chinese websites and search engines such as which I found redundant to my usage. I had a computer in front of me yet I have to rely on my computer sense to know which was the button for 'start' and 'shut down' I was socially crippled but I managed to adapt with my international friend beside me all the time.

I was more shocked because I thought I was capable to communicate in Chinese but in the end I realized that Malaysian has been speaking gibberish Chinese thus, I have to keep myself updated with words but I waved the white flag after a few hours of figuring out the full sentence of what everyone was trying to say. I hate it when they were such shallow-minded people thinking that anyone who looks Chinese must be able to speak in flowerish Chinese language. In the end, I always stared into their eyes squarely and started by introducing myself as a MALAYSIAN.

The saddest part was to realized that they were condemned into their own country which they thought were perfect in every angle. They were actually living in webbed deceitfulness, not knowing what was happening in the outside world, having no knowledge of who the Creator of heaven and earth was. The whole nation was made crippled when majority of them could not converse in English. English books were translated into Chinese and I was going to have a mental breakdown if I need to look at another Chinese word for one more day. I resigned myself to only looking at pictures and the very few English words like toilet, train and exit.

I did share with a few of my new found friends about different religions in Malaysia. I shared with them about why I do not believe in how by wearing a jade around your neck, it would be able to protect you from harm and danger. In less than a few minutes, God led the young adults to sit around me when I started telling stories. It was rather silly to believe that by molesting a stone-made beast with a mixture of lion, ox, dragon and unnamed beast would be able to bring great wealth into the house. I told them that if that was the case, I would choose to stop working and molest as many stone-made beasts as I could, or maybe made a run with the hideous beast and cuddle it day and night so that wealth can flow into my house. By wearing the jade around the neck, the hospitals will go out of business and why not just get a bigger jade for protection. I wonder what will people say if the moment you buy the jade and wear it around for protection, you walk out of the door of the shop and you were ran over by a 16-wheeler... now... now... what would you say to that? I might be tempted to say,"Why didn't you get a bigger jade that can cover you from head to toe?"

I prayed and prayed and prayed for the people. Lord, don't harden their hearts. Give them a chance to hear your gospel. Let them know you and let them be given a choice to decide whether to be an atheist or to have a relationship with you no matter how difficult it is. A developed country with no regard to the international language.

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