Thursday, March 29, 2012

Splendid China and Windows of the World...

I'm still writing about my second day in China. Actually, it was like my first day there because I arrived in China at night where I had only an hour and a half left till the next day. After taking the Happy Line ride just outside Pinky's house, we went home for lunch. Grandma cooked a storm with the stone fish and fresh baby abalones that I bought. Just nice for the whole family. We lazed around after lunch before continuing our next destination which needed a lot of walking. Both of us got free tickets to Splendid China. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the donkey, right there waiting. I snapped the donkey from the left, front and right. Every angle of the donkey. Pinky thought that I was utterly crazy with donkeys... and I was thinking about the famous professor Donk Donk. Such a big man in society but I have diminished him into just being a donkey. *grinning from ear to ear* We had a lot of walking to do, seriously a lot and we missed two shows in between which I didn't mind at all. Splendid China is a place where you go and have a good look of everything that is in China. It's like Sarawak Cultural Village where you are shown the live size longhouses so Splendid China shows you everything in miniature size just like the Forbidden City in Beijing. I was dreaming of going to Beijing but it was so far away. I consoled myself by snapping more and more photos. There were even exact size buildings but we couldn't even finish walking around the miniature-like buildings. I was in a snapping frenzy and thinking to myself why hasn't anyone create an extremely wide-angle camera lens. No, I don't want the panoramic photo which will reduce the size of my photo until I can't see anything clearly. I don't remember the houses for the different ethnic groups of the Chinese people. Again, I thank God that I'm not a Chinese national and have to study the history of China. Learning about the various ethnic groups of Sarawak and Sabah drove me up the walls and China has more than 56 ethnic groups. Splendid China is beautifully done and I think we did finish walking around. We walked until no one was left in the place. Ah.. I spent a long time in this little corner taking photos. I have a few more photos of different costumes which I haven't upload yet. Pinky snapped this using my camera until the people in charge asked her to sit quietly and not move at all. They must have thought that I would not buy the photos after Pinky helped me snap them, which was quite true. I was thinking about that as I have paid for the costumes so I need not pay for the photos. I prefer photos stored in memory cards than photos being printed out. They have all the 12 animals cutely done by professionally cutting the bushes. I can't help it buy take a pic with the piggie since I'm one big piggie. Wanna see more photos? Nah... can't upload all of them here. They're already up in my Facebook account. You should go and see it for yourself. It's in Shenzhen. The cultural performance with the title phoenix and what what what... I can't remember... that was one mesmerizing performance. After watching the Aladdin musical in Sunway Lagoon last year and thinking that it was the best performance I've ever seen, wait till you watch the cultural performance in Splendid China and it was way better than the Aladdin musical. They were all fantastic performers. It was exactly an hour. Perfect~!

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