Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bob Fitts' Live Concert...

That was two Saturdays away, held at TAR College's hall. I would like to thank one of my Facebook friend's who sent me the invitation but I couldn't remember who sent it to me. I've been listening to Bob Fitts' songs since I was in secondary school. It has never occur in my mind that one day I will have the privilege to attend the live concert. A Christian concert is not the same as those live concerts featuring the famous singers where the fans jumped, screamed the heads off and painted their faces like clowns.
Every one who attended, worshiped God along with Bob Fitts. Every clap sends booming thunder to hell and all of us serenaded heaven with our lovely voices. It's just not about the singer. It's about God. We're not the audience, God is. The worship was so good it lasted somewhere before midnite. If the concert went on until the next morning,  I think most people would have stayed back regardless of the time. Those who missed out on this, you REALLY missed out. 

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