Sunday, October 28, 2012

Secret Recipe...

I don't have any secret recipes. I was just gonna say that the day it was pouring cats and dogs and I was an hour late for my class, I had the opportunity to flip through the newspapers, reading every page including the advertisements and the promotions. I was looking at the buy 1 free 1 marble cheesecake in conjunction to Secret Recipe's 15th anniversary. Mi mama happened to call so I just mentioned it to her. The cheesecake wasn't cheap but if it was a buy 1 free 1, it was a good deal seeing that the material to produce a cheesecake ain't anywhere cheap.
It was stated that the promotion would start at 11a.m. at the Gurney Plaza outlet. The other house was near Gurney Plaza... you can say that I have houses with the best location. The houses are near to everywhere. Look at the queue and to think that I would join the crowd, it was unthinkable. But I went. I was there at 11:15a.m. and  I thought the queue should be just nice since I was just 15 minutes later than the starting time. I was wrong though. Gracie was already nearing the cashier when I reached and she walked away happily with two marble cheesecake. By the time it reached my turn, I was the 106th customer. Oh, wow~! And it was an hour later that the lady-in-charge said to the customers in front of me that there wasn't enough marble cheesecakes to be given away so we had to make do with one marble cheesecake and one voucher to be claimed within a week.
I was about to protest as I have waited for an hour and to go back there again was a waste of time. At the sight of size of the marble cheesecake, which was worth RM86 inclusive of taxes, it wasn't worth the money. Then, I thank God that I was 15 minutes late and I was the 106th customer. The lady-in-charge said that we could claim whichever cake we wanted on display, provided that there was ready stock in the refrigerator. But when the vouchers were given out, I DO read the fine prints. It was written that if there's marble cheesecake in store, then we would be given the same cake. Between verbal promises and black and white statement, black and white would have won any arguments as no one recorded what the lady and the cashiers said.
I was one step smarter. I was thinking that if I go again the next day, the marble cheesecake wouldn't reach on time all the way from Kuala Lumpur. So I would have the chance to choose other cakes. There wasn't much choices to choose from among the cheesecakes selection. To choose from chocolate fudge won't be a good bargain, so I brought my pineapple and my precious along, and being chocolate lovers, except for my pineapple, we settled for the chocolate berries cheesecake. I sort of love it but my own homemade chocolate cheesecake was a level above this commercialized cheesecake. 

It proved to be true that black and white statement was at the upper hand. The girl who went with me said there were so many marble cheesecakes to be handed out with those holding the vouchers 5 days later. Thank God for my witty mind :D

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