Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Kidding~!

It's Wednesday. In 8 more minutes, the form threes are gonna hand-in their shaded answer sheet for Geography. Hip hip hurrah~!! Today's schedule was slightly crazy. I prepared lunch at 9a.m. just for them to come back at 11:20a.m. and for the first time I had lunch before 12 noon. I'm having a fun time online but I have to check the clock once in awhile because I'm afraid that I might get carried away and forget to fetch them back from school. 
No joke~!! My pineapple and my precious were pestering me to bake them some cakes. I stayed awake and baking the perfect Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and strawberry jam and also blackberries. Do you know that I've never seen blackberries before. Never even tasted them before. But now I know and they know what blackberries are. I simply love this sponge cake... argh~! Have to get out to pick them now and they're gonna reward themselves with two slices of cake each. How wonderful is that? They are a pampered lot...Ask and you shall be given. Want this cake? Drop your order at

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