Sunday, October 28, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours...

The monsoon season is coming and it looks like most of the states in Malaysia is getting a taste of it. Penang is still the state protected due to its strategic geographical location and shielded by prayers against flood. The newspapers state that authorities are all geared up for various flood-prone states to face the onslaught of heavy rainfalls. When it rains, it really pours. Just a few weeks back, it was pouring cats and dogs. I looked out from my window and I got a 'scene' that I usually see from afar like from the top of my apartment building. But since this is a landed property, I have a totally different view. 
The large football and recreational field with potholes were flooded. I can release a few of my ducks fighting fish to have a good swim in the field. Moreover, the house is surrounded by two primary vernacular schools and a huge national schools. That explains why the house is always dusty with roughly about a thousands passing by the house on weekdays. Opposite the house, in front of the schools, is a one way street. All cars will make one round and pass by the house, unless they exit in another opening, and drivers are driving especially slower than tortoises and snails add up both on a rainy day.
Look at the crawling traffic. That's total madness and I purposely woke up early on that day so that I wouldn't be late for my class in town. Waking up early was a bad move. I should have just slept until a little after  eight then the traffic would have dissipated. 
I was stuck in my own house. Even if I braved the heavy rain and opened the gate, I wouldn't be able to reverse my car out of the porch. In the end, I walked around in the house to wait until the traffic cleared off. The main road leading to the house is always under water once it pours. You can have a jet-ski roaring around during those days. There was a good side to heavy downpours. Every time after the rain stops, the plants in the garden would just sprout a few more inches taller.

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