Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Scaly and Furry...

It has been quite a while since I last updated. It has been crazy with major exams around the corner. Today is the first day of a major examination for the third formers, just like middle school students taking exam to enter high school. My precious is snoozing right beside me after going through Science and Geography for tomorrow and the day after next. My pineapple collapsed into a heap on the bed in the next room. It's time to rest the brain. 

I have lots of things to talk about but since everything was so outdated already, I was thinking of forgetting about those stuff that I wanted to write about. And again... I'm rushing for time now. I only have less than half an hour before I log off... *grrrrr*
After my smart doggie passed away, mi mama said no more dogs, no more being slave to furry friends. My eldest has always wanted to have pets. She loves animals more than humans. Yesterday, mi hubby has a cat stuck under his vehicle and when he started the ignition, the cat went rolling under the engine. The cat came out as a rubble... I think. I wasn't there to witness it but my eldest just came back from school and she watched the cat plonked down from the bottom of the vehicle, she didn't know what to do. She was looking at the poor cat in so much pain, she ran into the house, cried her eyes out and prayed for the cat. She was asking God to do something with that cat. Then, she ran out of the house and looked at the cat. The nine lives of the cat wore out. The cat died in pain. My eldest was thinking about the way I drive into the porch. Obviously I drive fast and she couldn't bear the thought that I will definitely go over the cat another time. So she mustered up whatever courage that's left in her, went to grab some old newspapers, wrapped the cat up and conducted a simple funeral for the cat in the field opposite the house. God bless the cat's soul....

Oh, I wanted to talk about my new pet. It's mine because I bought it. That's a big ear. I like those white shiny fins when the fish swim about. There are 6 fish in total, all in separate glass aquariums because they are all fighting fish. They will fight there's only one left standing swimming, thus they have to be separated. 
These two adorable fur balls shifted into the house last Thursday. They are so tame they don't bite. Unlike the two renegades that we had earlier. They love running and hopping around in the house. We let them have their freedom. I do not like the idea of keeping animals in cages. 

No dog in the house. So I'll just borrow a dog once in awhile. I love dogs but do not want to be tied down with one at home. And I have Malay neighbour so it's not wise to keep a barking dog. You don't expect to have a non-barking dog.

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