Thursday, December 12, 2013

...Captain Phillips Frozen Toilets...

The sea was calm. But the route was a disturbing one. The cargo ship has to enter the Somali Basin which was very famous with pirates' attacks. If you remembered reading the news about a cargo ship being taken hostage, so it's Captain Phillips' harrowing ordeal that happened in year 2009 being played on the big screen now. I wouldn't know what to do if it my was my ship under the attack of armed pirates. Captain Phillips is a very experienced person with survival skills. That's why he's the captain and not anybody else. And not to break down mentally during the horrible hold up in the hot and crammed orange shoe-like boat, being tossed about in the sea. The Americans are quick to respond. Errrr.... may I know what happened to our country's vessel that was also under pirates' attack in the same water? Anyway, salute to the Captain Phillips in real life... wherever you are... 

Princess Elsa was born with a curse, not Midas' touch to change everything into gold but this one, a 'gift' of changing everything into ice and snow. I love Disney movies and Frozen was a musical where after a few parts of short conversations, the whole conversation was transformed into a song. Have you watch Les Miserables before? If you do not enjoy Broadway musicals, you might 
not enjoy Frozen. I so many people telling me that there was nothing much to 
expect from Frozen but they were wrong. Frozen was a really wonderful cartoon 
with a twist. The true love was not about a man kissing a girl but it was about 
sisterly love. The love of siblings that melted the icy cold heart. There were only 
two things that we did not like about the cartoon. One was the beginning of the 
ending which sounded like chants, but the choir was in perfect harmony. The 
second was the presence of trolls in the cartoon.

There was no conflict of interest as the first movie that we watched, Captain 
Phillips was base on a true story.Frozen was a Disney cartoon. The third one
that we watched was by Jack Neo with his JTeam. This movie was like 
indirectly insulting the Singaporeans. Singapore was well-known for its 
cleanliness but looks like the people also threw rubbish such as laptops, 
tables and even durians into the manhole. The bursting of shit all over the 
place and the outbreak of the virus... oh, that's how Singaporeans live, 
of course a majority of people would not do that. Living in Singapore must 
be really taxing with all sorts of charges. The highlight of the story in this 
movie was about the cleanliness of public toilets in Singapore. The movie 
was giving us the impression that the future of a country depends on the 
cleanliness of the public toilets. I guess quite true.Thank God I'm not a 

All in all, all three movies were great pick by yours truly. I am a good planner. No 
time was wasted hanging around doing nothing. We were busy rushing out of the 
cinema and walking in again. Really busy catching those three movies one after 
another but my hubby and I enjoyed doing that and we had my precious and my 
youngest with us, doing it for the first time. Did I just transfer some knowledge to 
them or spoiling them?

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