Monday, December 02, 2013

Star Gazing: The Double Shooting Stars...

This is the past post on our last night in Perhentian island. We just had dinner at the opposite island and being the two who refused to be shackled in the chalet, the cousin and I decided to stay outdoor for a little while longer. That little while turned into a couple of hours. The stars were extremely bright that night. 
If you asked me to take a stroll along the dark night beach, I wouldn't do it. So, we, the two wise people in the world, saw the wooden lazy chairs by the beach. We went charging for the sun-bathing chairs before other lovebirds decided to dominate them. And... hahahhaa... very funny... we were staring straight up at the trees. Smart people like us wouldn't give up a star-gazing activity so easily. We carried the chairs and placed then in the middle of nowhere the beach. At that part of the sky, it seemed like the stars were very much nearer to us. We were busy looking at the bright shining stars when we sighted a very long shooting star. 

Do you know how would you react when you first see a shooting star? I thought that if I have a powerful camera, then I would take a good shot of the shooting star. Then again, I thought that both of us would sit quietly and enjoy the shooting star and make a wish. But we were both like agitated monkeys with no understandable words coming out from us. We were both looking at the same direction when it happened and we both pointed our fingers up towards the sky and then at the same time, we went, "OooooHHhhh.... wwowwwwwww.... wwwwaaaahhhhh..... ooooohhhhhhhhh....." So those were the intelligible things that we said to each other. So long for making wishes. Our minds went completely blank. After the very long shooting star was gone, we were looking at each other and asking, "Did you see that? That's very long eh." Yeah, we weren't that smart after all. 
Then we continued talking while gazing at those starts and there again, we managed to see a short one further away. No kidding. And then the cousin saw a third one which I did not manage to catch. We sat there for another hour, thank God no mosquitoes partied with us. It was really a wonderful experience. When we walked back to call it a night, we saw that other parts of the sky was not brightly lit up. In conclusion, God must have wanted us to see His beautiful stars shining up there. 

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