Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soul Searching: I'm Not An Avid...

After trying out for a few times, I just know in my heart, deep down, I can never be an avid angler. The time spent waiting for a bite was torture. And having the fishes mocked you, jumping out of the water, it's like having a hyena laughing right in your face while you're holding on to the fishing rod. And to spend so much for deep sea fishing, I don't think I have the heart to do it. The school holidays is about to end and I'm not even sure what I've achieved this year. But I did find beautiful places in this island and I realized that to be an avid angler, I will have to change my mindset about some things like releasing your catch after waiting for such a long time just to get a bite. It's hard to let go... it's like letting go of something which you have been waiting for... that's a hard choice to make... IN conclusion, fishes are smarter than humans... that's why humans need large nets to catch small fishes....
I do not like myself to be covered with flour. I do not like oily fingers, too. I try to keep my work station clean. And I wash everything up immediately after measuring. I'm not into trying out new stuff all the time no doubt I do that at times. And I definitely do not enjoy baking the same thing over and over again. I do like baking... at times only. Not totally crazy to the max.
I don't feel like cooking... at all.... like for this month. I tried making new stuff... I enjoyed the moment of eating them... but then it is going to be my routine activity when the school term starts. I'm dreading the start of the school term. I'm kinda sick and tired of the same life. 

I can't... While others might have the drive to read from cover-to-cover. I did a lot of reading but it depends on what I'm reading. And it's not my season to read now. I fail to read the Bible from cover-to-cover no doubt I have finished the New Testament. The Old Testament seems to be a slow crawl.

Couch Potato
The amount of dust on the television screen shows you just how much the television has been resting. The one in town has not been touched for years. The new flat screen tv, it's about to end up in the museum. I subscribed to Astro a few days back in hope that maybe I can keep to a mundane lifestyle but after much calculation, maybe I'm repeating history... paying for something nobody wants. There's hardly any free time left after working round the clock. Maybe I'll draw up a written law in the house, stating that the Astro channels must be watched everyday. 

I can't even keep up with writing down everything. I've totally lost it I think. I have so much to write yet I have nothing to write. I have deleted all the posts kept in drafts.
Totally can't find the interest in learning the correct way or the interesting way to photography. What others view as 'beautiful' and 'fantastic' and 'awesome' photos, it's not to my liking at all. I like what I see from my view and I like beautiful colours, vibrant and I don't know. Photography is an art. You may like what I don't because I don't see it as you do. And likewise, you may not like what I snap through my lens at all. Editing photos? Try me... I will fall asleep on the computer.
Gym Goer
Everyday for 2-3 hours... I'm amazed with myself. I didn't know how I do it a few years back. No stamina at all....

Oh please... any cycling activities out of my housing area, I won't go. I can't imagine myself cycling uphill and downhill but I can imagine the bicycle end up on top of me or I might just abandon the bicycle with a tag there... take it, it's yours... or maybe I will wheel the bicycle aboard the public bus and enjoy the scenery back home.

Been there, done that. Haven't place my footprints on hills ever since... Just don't find the same trail to be exciting. I ran up the hill once because I know where to place my steps. *sigh*
Again, I'm amazed at how patient I used to be to stitch such a big piece of thing. I don't even know where to begin now even if it's a small piece. I would stare at the chart and I even imagined myself stitching but in the end, I've done nothing.
I did many laps in the pool... *sigh* I don't want to get wet now... the initial plan was to swim everyday for this December but I don't know where I've buried the plan... will have to dig it out again.
Oh, please... I'm having a tough time with my scales right now. To ask me to sit on a piano and practice the same song over and over again... you should ask my hubby what happens. The more times I repeat, the more mistakes I make. By the fifth time I'm playing the same song, it's no longer a song but just noise. It's best that I play once or twice will do. Practice makes perfect... doesn't apply to me. I don't remember practicing the piano when I was small. I just played them... *double sigh*


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