Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Seeking God with the Tenacity of a Bulldog...

Seen an angry bulldog before? It doesn't just spray spittle all over your face, it actually bites and never let go until it is completely satisfied.

Two weeks back, Dr. Paul Ang was speaking in North Zone and since the hubby and I self-declared our holiday, we went for the service up north. Dr. Paul Ang is an excellent speaker. Again, I'm only writing down what I can catch. I'm still not good in writing stuff down so I'm not quoting the God-fearing speaker word for word.

Seeking God and trusting Him at the same time. Well... you can't be seeking Him yet not trusting Him at the same time. That would be like sitting on a chair hoping that it will hold your weight but on the other hand you're so worried that you might end up like humpty dumpty falling off the chair. No one gives a second thought about whether a flimsy chair would be able to hold our rhinoceros weight or not, so the same goes to our trust in our own Creator who created us according to His image.

Most of the time we only listen to what we want to hear and read what that pleases us. Most, if not all, should be familiar with this verse...
Yes... prosper... prosper... prosper... but the whole passage was not about this. You'll have to tap into the very thing that God loves.... hearing our voices.
Ta.. .da~! The secret of a powerful prayer~!! When you call on Him, when you go and pray to Him, He will listen. Sometimes God went into hiding to see how much we really yearn for Him. Seek Him and you will find Him. He will never disappoint us but don't take things for granted that you will have a smooth-sailing life. A smooth sailing life is a very dangerous one. You know when God ask you to do something, He will provide... don't ask how... until today I don't have much explanation on how He provides... He just did in ways that will make you laugh out loud in sheer happiness and cry out loud because you're so touched that the word 'Thank You' isn't enough to express how you feel.

Have you ever read the book of Genesis. Read about the life of Jacob? He wasn't such a nice person, deceiving his own twin brother and also his own father. But let's not look into that. You know about the story where he met God, survived the ordeal whole nite long, wrestled with God for His blessings. He got both the blessings and a wrenched hip.You see, Jacob has the tenacity of a bulldog. Jacob refused to let go even though the sun is coming up. I think it's trying to let us know that the hard times will soon go to pass and there's always a light shining at the end of the tunnel. Just hang on in there long enough until you see the light.

No matter how bad a situation is, don't be bitter. Let God made your past as a mould to shape you into a better person. I went through that many times and failed. I'm still under construction. I think that's why God moved me to take up fishing, something I wouldn't want if given a choice but I'm into it now. Hubby agreed to it immediately when I told him about fishing. Good for me, he said.

We should spend some time together with God. The best is yet to come. It's like the holiday trips that you take. You will always say that it's the best trip ever. So which one is the best trip ever? The first one? The second one? Or the last one? It's always the last one and then the coming one will be better than the best. Get what I mean? You know our God doesn't let us know what we're walking into. I walked into a lot of stuff beginning of this year that sent me out of my comfort zone. Walking through it was wonderful though. Thus, walking with God in your life, it's never a big mistake. The journey gets more and more interesting. With God, all things are possible, so seek Him~!

God is a miracle worker, not a magician. I know I always get what I wanted so there are times I tend to forget that He needs time to do some of the things. He has His own timing. When you pray for someone, don't expect any changes. No one can change another person until that person has a genuine encounter with God and has been touched.

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