Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And I Miss You Already...

Luggage-fie.... *stupiak*
Yesterday night, I've packed a small luggage for mi hubby. He will be away for a course in another state. Before he left, I already miss him. How did he survive when I'm not around for the whole month. The feeling of being left at home is not nice at all. I'm needed at home to be a chauffeur and I still need to cook. At least we have free calls and get to Watsapp each other. Now, he's sending me the food pics of the hotel. I'm comforted that I can cook better. Hehehhe... Will cook up a feast when hubby is back. 
In order to use up my time now, since I'm so free, I'm practically shaking my legs but I have to clean up the house, mopping the floor is more tiring than a 5-round jog outside the house. I'm enjoying my leisure time editing photos~! Something that I wouldn't do in the past but I need to have really beautiful flawless photos as sweet memories. No matter what, I'm still lazy to edit the photos until it's completely flawless. Leave that job to the professionals. Editing is a very tiring job. Kindly pay whatever amount the editors charge you for your photos. It's tedious work. You blink your eyes once, the edited photo looks different. You close your eyes then open them and look again, it looks different again. Don't blink when editing, you will end up looking at one piece of photo for the whole day. Don't even come back to the same photo the next day, you will feel that the photo is not good enough then you start meddling with that same one piece for another 24 hours. Blink blink blink your eyes a few times, I have more than 14000 photos to look at. My eyes are popping out very soon plus the uneasiness of wanting to go for another holiday. The pleasure of self-torture.

The best part of sitting in front of the computer is right now, I have a headset so that I can go deaf to the surrounding. Don't bother calling me or talking to me. I have lots of missed calls and I have the kids screaming for me until my neighbours can hear, but only I couldn't hear anything. You can listen to what I'm listening if you're in the same room as I am. Yeah, I like my music loud. Lazy kids ended up marching up the stairs and talk in front of me, but I still can't hear anything until I remove the headset.... Hehehhee... sorry... I know I'm terrible.... hehehe... but I only listen to the songs in my blog. I posted it there so that I wouldn't have to search for them high and low in YouTube. Indonesian worship songs are the best~! And I get to update this almost dead blog. It's revived for this year. Next year come January, I bet it will be as still as the graveyard. And I have time to do some reading, not some, lots of reading. I have lots of books that have been left untouched for years.

Hubby, quickly come back.... huhuhuhu....

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