Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 5: The Short Train Ride to Xinbeitou~!

~ 18th March 2014~
This is one place one shouldn't miss at all. We were keeping up with our agenda of the day but we missed the place which looks like England. Definitely missed that but it's okay, I'll go to England to make up for whatever that's missing.
Xindian, Red line...
From wherever you are, look out for the Xindian Line, the Red line and take the ride up north until the last station. You have to get down or the train would send you back to the other end. It was quite a long ride from Shihlin to Beitou. I did what I know best. Enjoy the view while snapping a few photos as remembrance.
Old... old.... old... and more old buildings...
It's still really rundown no matter how I look at those apartment buildings. The dull colour and some of the buildings need a good washing or a new coat of paint. Most buildings have tiles or marbles as the wall coverings so it should be washed. Well, I guess maintenance in every part of the world is one that is difficult to be carried out. 
You will need to take the next train ride to Xinbeitou or else you wouldn't be able to reach your destination. Maybe you would like to try a new route rather than follow mine. There should be lots of places and things to see at Beitou town itself, but the main attraction would be at Xinbeitou.
The train station itself has shown you what you could do in Xinbeitou. A picture speaks a thousand words. Whoever came up with this idea, thumbs up for the design as they were really attractive and eye-catching. 
Hot spring bath~!
The one major activity to do up north there would be to dip yourself into the hot spring pond. You can either choose to go to the public hot spring centres where you would be asked to strip naked. We were not that open to do that so it would be a no-no. Not going no matter how cheap or even if it's for free~!
Entertainment~! You could find it there but don't ask me where. I have no interest in such things. I bet you will find a lot of things to do there.
Clean train ride.... slow scenic ride....
The train came in a short awhile. More like the train rolled in and we thought it was just slowing down at the slowest speed. Then, when it was time for the train to chug off, it went rolling away in such slow speed I knew I could walk faster than the train. It was a scenic ride but funny me, I couldn't even find a photo of the outside view. The scenery should be the same, with all old apartment buildings with wires hanging carelessly. Buildings that need a good ol' scrubbing. 

Don't miss this ride. It's not worth going by bus or taxi. Take this ride. You can never find such slow ride in a cartoon painted train with a screen showing you everything you could do in Xinbeitou. It's a beautiful old train, worth riding~!

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