Friday, January 30, 2015

My 1st Round Birthday Celebration of 2015: Nippon Yatai Mura...

I've finally found a restaurant which caters to my style. I'm a complicated and picky eater. That red raccoon has been around in Queensbay Mall for many years but every time we walked past that adorable raccoon, we had no idea why we just walked away. For many years we just walked away without giving it a chance to prove it's worth. So, last year we decided to give it a try since the restaurant has been around for many years. We walked in and *sigh* the choosing of food was one difficult one. I dislike flipping through menu as it would take up so much time. For example, having a meal at Kim Gary was like sitting for an examination or quiz with a pencil in hand and ticking the correct box for your order.

The waiter from Nepal was serving us on our first visit. I have no photos from the first visit as I just realized that those photos have not been uploaded into the computer and I have asked the hubby to remove all photos from the memory cards. I was a tad upset yesterday upon knowing that I don't have any of the raccoon photos. So, back to the story. I was asking the waiter regarding one of the dishes on the menu but I had no idea what the waiter was trying to say. He ended up dragging the chef out from the kitchen. The chef was one fantastic man who said he would whipped out something not in the menu. THIS I LIKE~!!! Surprise me~!!!! Bring it on...~!! *dancing on the table* I definitely like this kind of service. Thus, for my birthday, my precious and mi mama treated us to Nippon Yatai Mura for lunch. Hubby had called earlier to ask the chef to prepare 3 dishes. I thought the hubby was a bit crazy.... all of us are big eaters and he called for 3 dishes. But the chef knows best he kept bringing food out from the wonderful Japanese kitchen. The chef is the best. He knows what kinda food we like. I just mentioned that NO VEGE PLEASE~!

Surprise~! Surprise~!!!
Fancy having such a big half-head of salmon for birthday? The sauce was so wonderful we refused to let the waiter remove the plate when we were done with the head. I think hubby ate the fish bones as well as it was so delicious. Nah.... actually he ate the huge eyeball. I'm starting to get hungry now looking at this. We started digging the flesh out and putting them aside.
Then, those tender chicken with chilli powder and lots more of marinade done to perfection took a place on our table. I can't eat those two alone. Where's my rice? I have been influenced by my travel buddy to eat rice and more rice. Don't worry I'm having healthy rice like basmathi and for that day we had fried sushi rice.
The unagi fried rice finally hopped onto our table. My precious said that she wanted to comment that the fried rice looked very simple. The aroma of the fried rice was just so-so. Then, when we scooped the rice into our mouth.... have you eaten something which tasted so good that you feel like jumping up and down like a mad person? The dishes at Nippon Yatai Mura actually made us felt like doing so. It's like we haven't have any experience eating fantastically prepared food before. I could have the whole huge wok of that fried rice. Trust me.... I scooped my rice to my empty plate of salmon head, the sweet soy sauce was there to dance with the rice. I could lick the plate clean.
That was the dish for the month of December 2014 but he made it again with small blobs of mayonnaise as decoration. I don't know whether it's mayonnaise or tartar sauce or a mixture of everything. But the potatoes and onions were fried or were they braised? to such texture and taste that I could just pretend that those onions were noodles. I'm not exaggerating. You should go there once but maybe you will have to pick from the menu. I see others having to choose from the menu. I'm thankful that we found favour with the chef. Actually that salmon dish arrived a few minutes before the unagi fried rice. So, my precious scooped her share of rice onto that empty salmon plate with all the yummy sauce.
Okonomiyaki appeared without warning. The first okonomiyaki I had was when I was in Melbourne. The taste from the Melbourne Japanese restaurant was horrible so I was afraid this would turn out to be as bad. But in the end, this was so good but of course it wasn't in the menu as it took quite a long time to prepare. Again, I am grateful for this kind gesture. We licked almost all plates clean except for one. Will show you which one shortly.
The beef was served. I was okay with that. I preferred the teriyaki chicken which I had the first time I was there. The teriyaki chicken was so good, I think I ran out of vocabularies to describe how delicious every dish was. That plate of beef with peppercorn was just okay. 
The volcano sushi came to our rescue. The beef had to bow out and gave way for the sushi. My precious said it was volcano hot but to me, it was just nice. I love Japanese food. Sometimes I would go and dine outside, then came back cooking the same thing. We observed the food and we dissect the food and looked at the garnishing, by the time we arrive home we know how to do it. Terrible us~! But for Japanese food, I can't prepare even a dish. I'm not familiar with the sauces neither am I familiar with the preparation. I thought I found Tsuruya as my favourite spot to dine in but the red raccoon has just secured a permanent place in my tummy.
Nippon Yatai Mura is actually famous for serving ramen with spiciness ranging from Level 1 to Level 40. We ordered Level 1 and that's the last we could take in. The soup was great but the spiciness made us sweat and we ended up downing glasses of cold sky juice. Eventually, the tummy got bloated with water. So, smart suggestion by the waiter as somehow or other, the crew knew that we were almost done with our lunch. The ramen as finale~
The hubby had to finish all for us. We couldn't take it anymore. Mi mama also could not take the spiciness. Imagine if we were proud and called for Level 10 I think we would grab the whole jug of water and a bucket of ice to rescue our tongue.
The only bowl that was not dry. And we left a mess of tissue paper. I was wiping hubby's sweat. It seemed like he just went for a marathon chasing after wild boars. Next time if you have the intention to try out the food in Nippon Yatai Mura, get the spicy noodles last. Or if you really want to feel for an explosion in your mouth, drink a bowl of that spicy soup and shove a volcano sushi into your mouth. That would be the ultimate explosion~!
We were so full we had to walk around as I had a birthday dinner to go to. I need the food to digest faster. We had a walk around as mi mama wanted to get me my birthday present. The Skechers shoes were nice but I had no idea where I would wear them to. It's not like I need any nice shoes for jogging. I don't even have time to cycle or swim, let alone jog. Wherever I go, when I reach the house or someone's house, I just need to remove my shoes. So, why spend on such expensive shoes to be left outside the house? Then, we went to Jelly Bunny. I wanted a handbag that was blinking red beautiful. Then my precious asked me where am I gonna take that bag to? It's not like I have a wedding dinner to attend to every week. I just need my sling bag then when I reach home I would dump it somewhere in the house. In conclusion, no need for expensive shoes or handbags. Somehow or other, we would always go to the bookstore. That's my present for this year, a book. 

Oh, red raccoon, we will be seeing you at least once a month. If I have the time in the world, I will go everyday. Finally.... finally I've found the kind of restaurant that I like. 

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