Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fresh Encounter Conference 2014 --> International Prayer Conference 2015

It was the time of the year where the road was completely void of any vehicles. You could cross the road without much worries. It was during the Raya holidays last year that we attended the Fresh Encounter Conference held by Ps. Paul and his wife, Ps. Christina Ang plus all the invited speakers. I have no expectation and I was just taking it as a getaway and we did spend some time becoming tourists.
The conference was held at Megastar Arena in Kuchai Lama. I was more fascinated by the gigantic blades of the three outdoor ceiling fans than anything else. The arena could sit a multitude of people *I don't know the exact number*.... 
That's Ps. Paul Ang and he always has fresh messages from our Heavenly Father. You don't believe me then you will have to hear him speak for yourself. Nowadays, nobody believes anything anybody says because they have already made up their minds on what kind of response they will give regarding certain issues. Why should one attend a conference not held by their own churches? You realize that when the Israelites were taken out of Egypt, in order not to get lost in the desert, they just need to follow the cloud. So, follow the cloud and jump on the wagon. You're not asked to leave your church. It's like going to school. Other than classes in school, there's still extra classes out of school, taught by other teachers from various schools.
There are many things to learn from these anointed ones. Some may say it's enough going to church and reading the Word on your own but how you perceive the Word of God lies on your understanding. If you have shallow understanding, you might think you have grasp the actual meaning but in fact, you have gotten it all wrong. And have you been reading the correct transcription of the Bible? New International Version has a few missing verses and those missing verses are of utmost importance. Will talk about this later... Now, go back to the topic of why you should attend this year's International Prayer Conference this Raya holiday...
You are not attending a prayer conference where you're going to be put into groups of 4 and then asked to pray dryly on points beaming on the screen. It's not a boring conference where you only sit with your mouth open, eyes close and saliva dripping then jump out with a start when the speaker says, "AMEN. See you next year." If that's the kind of conference I'm attending, I'll be the first person to sprint out of that arena and flag down a taxi to take me to the nearest shopping mall. This is the place where if you have been hungry and thirsty spiritually, it's the right place to be at to move yourself up a level in your relationship with God. A conference is just like adding oil to the creaking part of the machine.
Oh, your friends are saying that you're too holy and becoming a fanatic for Jesus? Ain't that good to hear? Whatever you do, at the end of the road, it's between you and God. When you die, imagine Jesus says,"I never know you"  so, are you going to drag your friend to die together with you? No one will be there with you. And the topic about heaven and hell, there are so many people who do not believe so you can speak until you turn purple, they wouldn't believe. No matter how much you share, they wouldn't believe either. But that doesn't mean you should follow them. When a person chose not to believe, even if you drag a dead person out from hell to share his or her testimony living in hell, no one would listen. Do this for yourself. It's only for three days, if you don't know the speaker then go for the music. Can't stand the music, then homour yourself for a couple of hours and just wait and see. Trust me, you will not be short-changed.
There are people who are willing to pay the necromancer or the fortune teller just to know what's in store for them. At the end of the road, on top of paying with dollar notes, you will have to pay with your own life. You can choose not to pay for this conference by coming in after dinner around 6:30p.m. then you need not pay a single cent. It's high time to find another path in life if the one you're walking on does not bring any good or you want to have something better.
Hear the trumpet sound~!! *shofar blowing* 

That was for last year... don't miss this year's... 
15 more days to go. It's never too late to sign up or creep in quietly during the evening service. Don't worry, God will not strike you down just because you didn't pay up. It's open to public during the evening and if you feel move to give, then do so. No one will look at you and think how come you didn't pay up. Nobody knows you but God knows you. Again, it's between you and God. Nobody else.
Call them up or drop them an e-mail. It's an international conference so there will be people flying in from other countries. Nothing to lose.... nothing to lose... everything to gain.... the choice is yours... 

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