Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 10: Lunch at the Fisherman's Wharf, Kaohsiung...

~ 23rd April 2014 ~
It wasn't easy to find a proper place for lunch at the Port of Kaohsiung. We were thinking of looking for some food at the Fisherman's Wharf but looks like that place only comes alive at night as the whole place was just like Straits Quay with most of the places serving alcoholic beverages. They were mainly closed during the day and will only be running for business at dusk.
Then, we finally walked to a cafe opened for business. Of course, the place was almost packed to the brim. It's no Chinese food but more to Western delight. The four of us were seated comfortably and we have good laugh at I-don't-remember-any-of-our-conversation-. 
We were at the Crystal Coffee House thus, it's rather obvious that they serve coffee but none of us took coffee. Mi mama loves coffee and our sudden tour guide do take coffee. My travel buddy and I, we're from the same boat, we don't drink coffee but we would rather go for juice or some chocolate drink.

I don't remember which one I had for lunch but I was pretty sure that I had that tall glass of orange juice and mi mama had the set without cheese. The rest was history, the food was long gone from our system.

We were already full but we just wanted to try out the cheesecakes. They looked rather tempting and we were greatly tempted. Not bad at all...
No matter what, both of us had the best time in our lives. We're always making beautiful memories whenever we're together. Can't wait to meet her soon. Love ya, pal~!
The port is overlooking the sea with ships entering and going. What else is there at the port. Nothing new here as I'm staying in an island with our own port. The sea was as smelly as our sea.

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