Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 12: Hualien's Golden Triangle...

~ 25th March 2014 ~
After we have our luggage in the room, we decided to leave the room as soon as possible. Once our butts landed on the cushion or bed, we will never find our way out anymore. The minsu owner was really helpful. The husband helped us to get our slow train ride up to Jiufen for the next day. He searched through the Internet to check whether we can book the tickets online but too bad, the system was not up to date. The tickets can only be purchased by cash through a machine at the minimart. There goes our cash by the thousands.
We started looking for dinner and found a place. The place that the owner recommended looked cut-throat expensive. I will not go to any restaurant where the seafood must be weighed first. I will fled after looking at the price. So to save our faces, we didn't even enter. As long as there's any sort of rice, the travel buddy would be extremely happy. It's written all over her face.
My advice would be don't bother looking for food along the way. Go straight to the Golden Triangle of Hualien where the name of the road Zhongshan can be found in every county. There's so much food there. Yeah, we regretted eating at the more expensive restaurant. The street food looked really good and cheap. 
We went into a few shops and got some boutique cakes to try out from Honey Bee Town. Got ourselves a piece of nice-looking waffle. That's how we spend our money as tourists. The walk was getting boring by the minute in every single turn. It looked almost the same in every county. We have no interest in shops selling clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. There's nothing unique. Halfway our triangle walk, we decided to go back. Fancy finding the way back. We just simply made some turns and found another nice place.
I'm still wondering how did we find Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park. The place was brightly decorated like that of i-City in Shah Alam. The phrase that hubby used 'Seen one, seen all' kept ringing in my head. Yeah, every place that I've been to resemble each other quite a lot. That country has it, this country has it but I have to erase the phrase from my head or I will stop traveling altogether. 
Our minsu was opposite a huge shopping mall known as FE21'. Actually I wanted to go there but we never have the time to do so. Maybe we should skip the Golden Triangle walk and went to the shopping mall instead. We went to the mart in the basement as it would only close in the middle of the night and amused ourselves with what's on the shelves. There were many things that we have in our hypermarket and some we no longer on our shelves.

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