Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 13: Chishingtan Beach...

~ 26th March 2014 ~
The next morning, our driver came and pick us together with our luggage. We said our goodbyes to the minsu owner who has fed us our breakfast, lunch and dinner in one serving. I don't know what was our driver's name and I don't know where we were going to. My travel buddy asked but in the end, we gave up trying to look like we know where we're going. Yeah, the name of the beach, that also I just found out by searching through the Internet. Google map is of no help as everything is written in Chinese. So, for the Taiwan trip, we only know where we went  more than one year later.
Our driver took us to the road less traveled. The road was narrow and even if he decided to sell us away, we couldn't do much to save ourselves. The driver couldn't understand English so we could converse in English freely. 
We were on top of a cliff over-looking the famous Chishingtan Beach in Hualien. If I get this name wrongly, I will not bother to find out where we went already. It was getting really hot but the view was just breath-taking. I wouldn't want to leave such beautiful scenery. 
But we were taken to the beach down below. I love the blue sea but I never like sandy beach. This beach is different. It's a rocky sort of beach... no sand.... I like~!!!!! But the stones were burning hot and I got real terrible sunburn. 
Our driver has always wanted to be a photographer. To help him polish his photography skills, we allowed him to be the photographer of the day. He likes to take portraiture photos while I don't have preference. I don't like to limit myself to only one thing. I just snap away. I'm not a professional but I enjoy taking photos. That's a big difference, yeah~!
Someone left a purple bicycle to be the subject of photography. Thank you for the bicycle. 

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