Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 12: Sansiantai Island...

~ 25th March 2014 ~
After getting our cardboard bento lunch, we went to Sansiantai Island. Before the walk to the island via the dragon-like bridge with eight arches, we had to spend some time eating. I did not particularly enjoy the lunch. I am a picky eater. I would rather go hungry than making myself swallow the food but at the same time I don't like food go to waste so I pushed everything to the travel buddy since she loved vegetables and rice so much.
We were only given an hour and we spent at least 30 minutes eating. That's another reason why we hardly eat during our holiday trips. Eating took too much precious time but we enjoy eating. We were so torn between eating and exploring. It was a beautiful steel bridge which was rusting at the edges. I just realized that the bridge looked like that of a slithering dragon after going through the photos. We walked half of the bridge, standing in the middle and taking in the beautiful scenery and the experience of hovering above the Pacific Ocean. The waves were so unique as they came from both sides and the current seemed to die down at the bottom of the bridge.

I wanted to walk right to the end to see what was on the island but we were really running out of time. Then, before we decide to leave the place and drag our unwilling feet back to the waiting bus, I found a spot behind the bridge where it was the perfect place for photography session. Always find a spot where nobody noticed. 
The tour guide came looking for us when we started walking to the bus. You see, this is another reason I dislike following tours. I do not get the freedom to spend more time with my camera. But for this we could not be picky. We needed the transport and the bus made good stops at scenic places.

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