Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 12: Shitiping Scenic Area...

~ 25th March 2014 ~
The bus made another stop. This place was known as Shitiping Scenic Area. I thought we were still in Taitung County but I just found out that we have crossed into Hualien County since that Tropic of Cancer stop.
Again, we were not given much time to explore thus, the very few capture of whatever scenic frame. Not much to see since we couldn't venture future. I dread to think about if the three of us were left stranded without our luggage. 

There's a place to stay and the travel buddy said we should stay there one day... Yeah, one day if we go... I doubt that we'll be there again.
The imaginative lesson in Alishan has taught me to see beyond the rocks and hills. Did you see what I see? A face in pure agony surfacing on the hill. The people there must have been worshiping the spirit of agony? Just thinking... no one noticed that face with tears streaming down.

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