Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day...

It's the day of the year where mothers around the world are celebrated. I searched through for nice Mother's Day quotes, they were nice but not from the bottom of my heart. They were from the bottom of other people's heart to their own mothers. 
My mama and my mummy...

Everyday should be Mother's Day. Do you just bring your mother out to eat on Mother's Day only and then the rest of the 364 days your mother lives on air and sunshine? Then your mother must be a wonder woman. I'm not good with celebrations. I choose to live to the fullest every day. Okay la... today I join the worldwide crowd in this major up-scale commercialized celebration.
My mama *mi madre as widely known in my blog* is everything to me. If anything happens to her, my world will collapse. 
Mi madre is a wonderful cook
but the one who taught me to cook is my hubby
Mi madre taught me Maths until I got the highest marks in primary school,
but mi madre has no idea how to do Maths.
Mi madre knows nothing about music.
but mi madre can sing from the grade 8 aural CD when I hear nothing.
Mi madre says shes doesn't know how to crochet,
but she ended up making more stuff than I do.
Mi madre taught me how to do cross-stitch but mi madre has never done cross-stitch before. 
Mi madre did the finishing of my many sewing projects but mi madre has never sewn one piece of clothing before.
Mi madre knows everything,
whether she knows or doesn't know, she must know because she's mi madre~!
Mi madre is mi travel buddy~!
Mi madre is not a vet, 
but mi madre nursed the rabbits when they were sick~! 
In conclusion, mi madre doesn't know anything *according to her*
but mi madre knows everything.
Don't mess with mi madre~!
This is my mummy. Mummy teaches me piano and thank God she didn't vomit blood. 
My mummy is my role real model. 
My mummy is very brave to wear what I sew 
My mummy is a fashionista and upgraded my sewing skill from beginner to professional level
My mummy brings out the hong-soeness in me... 
My mummy is my chatting buddy...
My mummy loves my cooking...
My mummy is supportive in everything that I do...
My mummy is also my everything...
Don't mess with my mummy~!
My mummy can liam from sunrise to sunset and then to the next sunrise...
In conclusion, my mummy is also like mi madre.
This is my 老妈
My 老妈 is good in everything also
My老妈 is like a walking encyclopedia
My 老妈 cooks without recipe books and proper kitchen gadgets
My 老妈 loves to eat sweet stuff...
My 老妈 taught me how to give freely with no strings attached...
I learn many things from my 老妈
老妈 showed me that not all Chinese people are crooked
In conclusion, don't mess with my 老妈
I'm happy like this~!


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