Sunday, May 07, 2017

Oz Day 7: Walking Along Elizabeth Street...

~12th November 2015~
After having a good meal at Fish 349, we resumed walking. We wanted to walk to Salamanca Square but the wind was making it impossible. We only made it to Elizabeth Mall at the end of the street but Target has pulled the steel door down - closing time already. 
Nothing much to see along the street. Just shops and more shops which we have no interest in. We went back to the our motel and there's no sign of dinner or breakfast for the next day. It rained the whole night and my shoes were all wet. I spent my night drying the shoes using a hair dryer. 
Sleeping on a mattress with heater was not a good idea. It was so hot I turned the heater off in the middle of the night. I was afraid that I would be cooked the next morning. Anyway, we had to wake up early as our driver would be picking us up at 7 in the morning. That's 4am Malaysian time.

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