Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 4 Hours We Had in KL...

~ 15th April 2017~
It's a one day trip to KL. A morning drive, not a train ride. Usually I'll take the train down and come back following the last train. This one was a car ride. So, what can one do with the 4 hours of leisure time?
We were at Mid Valley Megamall and dived straight for food. Food was at Brotzeit, on Uncle Stanley. Thank you for the wonderful lunch. We picked and shared from the lunch menu and if I hadn't had a heavy breakfast, I would be rolling on the floor after finishing all those small sausages. I would need to have a dozen more sausages to be filled. But I had pancakes, Hokkaido cheesetart and two slices of spongecake for breakfast. When there's nothing to do, I can eat round the clock. 
From Brotzeit, we moved on to dessert at Jamaica Blue somewhere above ground level. Mummy must have her coffee fix. I had my large hot chocolate and chocolate cakes. The amount of chocolate was too heavy that I tried to keep my eyes open. It was terrible when you were so sleepy and you had to keep walking. 
Mummy was on a bread-buying spree. And munched a curry puff. Told ya the sausages could not even fill up 50% of the stomach space. No photos because I was sleepy to the point of being cranky and I wanted to pangsai at the same time. 
Then we crossed over to The Gardens and got ourselves busy with window-shopping. If you don't know what's window shopping, it's just looking through those huge slabs of glass panel. I'm not into shopping but sometimes it feels good to spend money. The guilt will come when you reach home and look at the stuff you have bought and wondered when are you going to wear/use that. 
Robinsons got very nice shoes but not that comfy to walk in. Mummy and I were very particular with comfort for the soles. 
That's all lah... we spent our time eating and walking around aimlessly like ladies of leisure. 

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