Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Penang Cafe Hop #2: Caffeine Chemistry...

This is a must-go for waffle lovers. The waffles are crunchy and our matcha waffles have a scoop of coconut ice-cream tagging along with my favourite bananas~! Those waffles were to die for... *yum yum yum*
Service was quite slow even with a few patrons but the chef put his whole heart into making those waffles. I wouldn't rush him to do it faster. Imagine if he drops the waffles onto the floor or he messed up with the plate deco. I salute to the chef who has such passion. 

We were actually planning to go to Pik Nik but we stumbled upon the menu outside this little cafe. We walked away and then after a few steps, we decided to try out the waffles. Such were the steps of fickle-mindedness but with no regrets. 

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