Sunday, May 07, 2017

Oz Day 7: Why You Should Dine at Fish 349...

~ 12th November 2015~
We were so hungry, we could eat a cow. The drizzle turned into a big shower pouring from the sky. We asked to borrow an umbrella from the reception area. Only one umbrella was available. We started walking uphill and downhill. It was suppose to be a short walk but because of the uphill climb here and there, it became a really long walk. I got a simple map from the receptionist as well.
Finally, we arrived at the restaurant zone. Most of the restaurants were closed as they either served lunch and/or dinner except for Fish 349. There was no one there and being an ignorant tourist, we went in and waited to be served. Orders should be made at the counter but since there was no one there, the waiter served us really well. He recommended all the wonderful dishes on the menu and we just agreed with all his suggestions. 
You're suppose to pay when you order at the counter. I did it the wrong way of placing my orders on the table, finished eating and paid the bill. Ooopppssss sorry. You must be wondering which part of China we came from.... hehehehhe.... we're not from China but my grandparents were from mainland China.... muahahahhaha....
We were famished beyond words. The food was so good not because we were so hungry but because it was just pure delicious~! The taste was perfect in every sense. 

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