Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Lovely Week...

Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas shopping... again. Now, I'm being paid to go shopping. The feeling of getting paid to do window shopping is just beyond comprehension. Thanks to my sis, I'm blessed with the job. Kill two birds with one stone. Get to try out the items, don't have to buy but I get money instead. Hahahaha!!! A marathon shopper like me is smiling from ear-to-ear.
Igor wasn't a very nice movie. The cartoons were hideous. The ending was a bit of a something, though. "I would rather be a kind nobody than an evil somebody." First time I slept in the cinema watching a movie... and a cartoon in fact.
Madagascar 2... the dancing lion was so adorable... BUT I LOVE BOLT!! Bolt is so much cuter... I love doggie!!
Another Bond movie. Action pack but I prefer Bourne movies.
Leonardo Dicaprio with beard. A very deceiving and manipulative movie. How evil men can be to achieve their goals.
Watching Bolt was different. Bolt was so cute. The hamster was so cool. Disney cartoons always had moral values behind the stories. Bolt taught us about loyalty and friendship. The saying "Dogs are men's best friends" is true. A guy who sat behind me, wept uncontrollably at the end of the movie. He must either be very emotional or he was simply touched by the cartoon. I, on the other end, could only held my laughter if not I would probably burst out laughing in the cinema.

Another week gone. I have only a few more weeks to relax before another round of hectic calendar year. Hold on to God's promises... a plan to prosper, not to harm.

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