Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Dinner at Ben's Diner

Ben's Diner in Sunway Tunas, Bayan baru offers the best western cuisine. Even though the diner is not published widely, I'm giving a thumb's up for the food and the ambience plus the food presentation. The price is reasonable as well... not cut throat expensive but each serving is more than enough for one person.
Pork. Tender. Juicy with apple sauce. Each slice was cut as thin as paper. Usually I don't eat pork except for bak kua * I can finish 1kg of bak kua in less than 30 minutes* and meat balls. I only survive on meat balls and prawns during Chinese New Year. The apple sauce was neither too sour nor too sweet. Tasted good on the taste buds. Love the smell. There were 6 pieces altogether. Should give it another try next time.

As long as there's chicken, I can enjoy the meal. I cannot remember the name of this dish. Not that bad just that I have never tasted the sauce before. I can't seem to figure out what was used to make the sauce. Never mind. Keep it special. It's not nice of me to 'cetak rompak' most of the sauce to save money dining out and cook at home. Should enjoy the good food served by others once in awhile. Love the potatoes. Taste like potato chips but soggy type.

That's salmon with Ratatouille. Ratatouille is a farmer's dish. Lots and lots of vege especially aubergine. I HATE vegetables. Never like the taste except for a few exceptional vege. The salmon was well marinated. No fishy smell. I like.
It was a good experience. Basically, it is not where you have dinner. It's with whom you go with. Love you, Mama!

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