Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eating & Shopping..

The opening of Pacific Departmental Store adds to my list of exercising my rights as a customer. Most of the time I will enjoy walking, strolling among the racks and racks of clothes, shelves of shoes and bags. There are many beautiful blouses, skirts and dresses including pants, trousers and shirts that I would love to splurge on. *Sigh* I am so stingy. I will always ask myself, "Do I really need those? It's not that I don't have anything to wear. I have two wardrobes about to burst, in fact, already burst if my clothes are not arranged neatly. Are Malaysians really hit by the economic slowdown? I doubtfully think so.

At the main entrance of Pacific is a newly opened coffee shop. Georgetown White Coffee. It looks very deceiving at first, as the signboard and logo seem to be the one used for OldTown White Coffee. Are these two coffee houses related? Customers kept walking into the restaurants until the there was not enough food to be served for everyone. I had my Apollo Bun... I can't really remember what was written on the menu... I just ordered ice-cream.. as long as there's ice-cream to kill the heat, that should be ok.

Yummy-licious! Don't look at the price... then it won't hurt your pocket. I know that the bun cost only RM0.40 and that one-scoop of ice-cream should cost less than RM0.50 if I buy the 2 litres box. Well, if I want other people to serve me my food then I have to fork out the money. Not that expensive if you're too hungry to count. If I'm not mistaken, it is about RM4, more or less.

Cooling. Sweet. It left my taste bud jumping for joy. I have always love lychee. I can finish up two cans all by myself. Usually when I'm out, the drinks that I order will be Milo ice, icy cold chrysanthemum or soya bean. I drink neither tea nor coffee unless there's no other option to choose.

"A hungry girl, is an angry girl". Waited for more than half an hour, then the waitress came over and said in one breath, "All rice finish already. There's nothing more except for fried noodles." I was thinking to myself why would I want to order a RM9.90 fried noodles when I can get cheaper ones by the roadside. Therefore, I do what I'll always do. Demand for my food! The manager immediately grabbed a plate of Nasi Lemak and a plate of Nasi Rendang Ayam and I served myself. I have done that to OldTown White Coffee in Sungai Petani. Demanded for bread when it's already closed. Spoke to the manager, "Mister, don't tell me the whole kitchen don't have even a piece of bread? We, from Penang, will die in this jungle if you don't let us in and let us EAT!" I said a silent prayer and viola, the manager let us enter and served us immediately.

ARGH! I'm so lazy to blog.. savour the food in the photos will do...

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