Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Be Still...[92]

The contrast from real relaxation to intense action is so noticeable. It is very interesting to note that the degree of relaxation on one side of the scale corresponds to the degree of action on the other side. In other words the degree that you can relax will determine the degree of your action.

We need to understand and experience the values of rest, sleep and exercise. Practical matters of a good mattress, comfortable shoes and clothes are also of real importance.

We need to find and practice mental activities that are enjoyable, different and a complete contrast to the things we normally do. Creating a variety provides for a much more stimulating approach to life.

Spiritual relaxation brings us into an infinitely deeper appreciation of the things of God and consequently a far more effective action and service for God

The Result
The result of 'being still and relaxing' is 'KNOWING GOD' in a deeper and more intimate way. Learning to be quiet in God's presence and listening to the 'still small voice' is one of the greatest privileges and blessings we can experience.

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