Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Plans Fail...

At first, I planned to shop once a month. Then, after giving it some thought, I know I cannot last for the whole month without going shopping. It's like bluffing myself into believing that I can do it.

So, I planned to shop once a week. If I can spend time with J once a week instead of every nite, then I should be able to shop once a week. I was thinking maybe buy clothes once a week. Then, I changed my own plan to spend money on stuff once a week... spend on new stuff.

First week, I bought a pair of sandals.
Second week, which was yesterday, I bought a skirt and a blouse at half price.
Third week, supposingly another week, I have signed up for Maxis Broadband and looking at other call plans and I get myself another number.
Fourth week, I already got myself two new story books.

Like that I whole month cannot spend liao~ Might as well stay at home everyday and not go out. ARGH~! Have to wait until next year... how arr... I wanna set up "Piggy's Shopping Fund" see whether got ppl wanna donate some cash... cheques also acceptable.

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