Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Friend & Old Friend

She's Pinky. The moment I reached Melbourne, she was there waiting for me at the airport with bro. We hardly know each other, better to say we don't know each other at all. We clicked instantly, and we became good buddies in a day, constantly targeting at bro by attacking him sarcastically. Bro ended up speechless at the end of most of the conversation.

Pinky went to the extend of taking leave from her work to accompany me while I was there. Among all my frens that I've known for donkey years, including my best fren, Pinky, a new friend of mine, is one amazing fren. She's not even calculative like who's paying for food and entrance fee and whatever stuff, bearing in mind she's not working, she's just a student. On food alone, she spent at least AUD100 per day, yet when I wanted to return her the money, she refused to accept.

My own best fren, calculated with me to the bones, have to go on dutch. And even complained that I didn't pay for myself when I went out with her and her frens, but my fren did not even think for a second that I cancelled my whole day's classes, not once but many times, just to accompany her. Even when we went out previously, I paid a larger sum and didn't calculate with her the extra. Movies I also paid. Are all my frens like that? If I know everything is suppose to be on dutch, why didn't say earlier so that I don't have to 'belanja' ppl most of the time. Those who calculated with me, I have treated them MORE than once or twice or numerous times.

I have lost count how many times I pay for ppl... but the person who paid ONCE for me can highlight it to me. I should have written down every single cent to the dot that how much I pay for ppl, that should be fair enough.

I've never met a person like Pinky. She's always welcome to come to Penang thus, I have arranged that she be here next year before the start of her new semester. Everything is on me... to my other frens... sorry, no more. The day you highlight to me, that's the end... I didn't know you can calculate with me. Shame on you! I should calculate petrol money, parking and time... shouldn't I? I've never done that to you, why do it to me.

Don't split hair with me... good frens are hard to come by... think of the time when I was there in KL.. it's meant to be ONLY you and another person, but who tagged along and showed the sour face... did YOU offer to foot part of the bill as you highlighted that I should offer to foot my own bill when your mom said otherwise before we left your house. Think again... the lady who paid the bill didn't even know you or me and yet, she treated us... but then, you complained 'bout something else...

I have never calculated anything with you, why do you have to do that to me? WHY?

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