Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 6: The Call Rate and The Taxi~!

~ 19th March 2014 ~
The prepaid which we subscribed to...
Our kind taxi driver stopped us at a phone shop so that we could get down and get our prepaid card ASAP. That ASAP took an hour long as we encountered various problems. My name has been registered before as a user thus, could not be used anymore. That's absurd as I've never been to Taiwan so I think, the system is not so smart after all in such a hi-tech country. How could you just look up for the name with the same spelling and who's that person with my name hah~! The system must be smarter, programmers, do something about it~! If you need our passport to register then the system should be able to detect that the names might be the same but the passport numbers are different. And that person with her name similar to mine is from another country~! Don't tell me Taiwanese with the same name cannot register for a phone card as well?

Pinky has a bigger problem. The girls at the counter has never seen a visa issued by the embassy in the Land of Oz, so they said her document is not valid for registration as well. The girls even called here and there for verification but in the end both of us sat there for so long not being able to register for a phone card. In the end, we have to get mi mama as our last resort.
Finally done~!
Finally, we got our phone card and our NT$1000 just flew out of the pocket. We became NT$1000 poorer. My phone was used as my battery can last longer than Pinky's dying 5 years old iPhone.
The rate~!
While waiting for the registration process to be done, I flipped the guide booklet. As long as there's English, I could survive. The calling rates to Malaysia is not cheap so I couldn't get to call mi hubby. But I have hotspot to online 24/7. The lowest calling rate would be to the United States. Why so cheap huh? And it's so expensive to call back to China. In the end, we did call back to China but my calls to Malaysia was cut off. Hhhhmmmm.... not enough credit? Couldn't be...
Still calling...
Now I know why were we so happy in the taxi other than the uncle being a nice person. You look at that window sticker? MasterCard or Visa. We paid our taxi fare with a credit card so we wouldn't feel so poor with always not having enough cash. I was still very loaded with cash at that time. Imagine walking the streets with thousands and thousands of NT$ in hand. Pinky was still trying to get the person in charge of the homestay. Do you know how annoying it is to listen to,"We're sorry. The number you've dialed is not in service." It's annoying in whatever language. You can speak in alien language, but that tone is still very annoying. 
Heading to our next destination...
It's okay. We're going to our next destination. We're not going to worry about where to stay as long as we have our luggage with us. Sleeping under the bridge or the train station would be fine, too. That's what mi mama suggested for Alishan~!

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