Monday, November 10, 2014

Let Him Die...

It was a really beautiful Sunday today. I didn't have much opportunity to enjoy Sundays. I usually rush out to work and ended up a few minutes late. Then, I rushed to another class right smack at another end of the island, driving as fast as possible, trying to get all the green lights so that I need not stop. Even if there's a rainbow in the sky, I wouldn't have time to stop by the roadside and marvel at God's beautiful landscape. Today was different. It will be different Sundays from today on-wards. Today is the first Sunday that I stop working. What makes me do so?
My cousin-in-law has been nagging about keeping the Sabbath for many years. I think she prayed about it as well. All those years I thought she must be crazy asking me to earn less. When I told her that I'm gonna stop working on Sundays, she was the happiest of all as God has answered her prayers. So, how did God make an obstinate mule like me change my way of life? I was reading the Old Testament when I read this passage about keeping the Sabbath holy. Actually that's not the verse that I came to that stopped me in my tracks. I read in another passage where God bluntly said,"Let him die." It was for the man who did not keep Sabbath. I know we're no longer living in the time of the Old Testament but I am dying inside after working like a horse everyday for 12 years. I'm just very tired as in dead tired. I see the sun when I go out and by the time I'm done with my work, I either see the moon or see the stars or the sky is just pitch black. Then, after a few hours of sleep, I repeat what I do everyday and I don't get to rest in between as I have other things to prepare. So, eventually, even if God didn't put me to death, I will die of exhaustion.

I will have less classes from now on which means I will earn less. But you will understand that less is so much more. You will have to go through that first hand to know what does it mean by less is so much more. For today itself, the first Sunday that I'm no longer working, I felt really good. I didn't do anything major like going for a bungee jump or go shopping or walking aimlessly at the shopping mall. Neither did we go to the cinema and glued ourselves to the huge screen. We just did something really normal, normal yet I've not experienced it before.
My hubby drove us to church this morning. Going to church on a Sunday morning is something which I've not done for more than a decade. We usually go on Saturday nights but I'm always tired because I've worked my brain for 9 hours non-stop. Try doing additional maths for long hours, your brain will be drained of any energy. I need to learn to enjoy being fetched. I do complain a lot coz the hubby either drives too slow or too reckless. Hubby said I'm the worst driver. I know I drive very fast but I always feel safe when I'm the one holding the steering wheel.
We had a simple breakfast at the coffee shop outside the church building. I like koay teow th'ng and that's the only thing that I will repeatedly cook but now if I need to make this, I will need to force people to come over my house to help me finish the big pot of soup then. This is not the best koay teoh th'ng but it would do for the time being.
Ps Cheng Kin preached on Proverbs 24:3-4 .. I will not launch into an elaborate preaching mode. I think it's not that hard to understand those verses. 

In conclusion, I like NOT working on a Sunday. Please, parents, don't ask me to give your children lessons on Sundays. I will lobby for their rights to rest on Sundays without having any tuition classes. This time round, I will not budge from my stand of not working on Sundays. Thank you for your understanding. If you don't understand then I cannot help you to see from my point of view. Someone asked me to choose other weekdays instead of  a Sunday, but I'm thinking what's the point? My hubby will be working and I will be all alone in the house sitting in front of the computer or rot on my bed. I want to spend time with my hubby doing practically nothing at all. 

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