Friday, November 21, 2014

The Unthinkable and Indescribable Joy...

It was on a Wednesday. Additional Maths for Paper 1 SPM ended at 10 a.m. I woke up at 6:30a.m. to cook lunch for my two musketeers. We arrived home at 10:30a.m. as I wasn't punctual and it wasn't like both of them will walk out of the school at 10 sharp. The papers needed to be collected and they needed time to sashay out. Upon arriving home, all three of us had the same thought. Dim sum~!!! 
Both of you so big already. My job is completed. It's finished~!!!! They have two more papers to go but hubby will be fetching as I'll be working from morning till night all over again. Such short-lived pleasure of not working. I don't even have a whole month of sitting around and doing nothing. Not working seems to be more work bouncing out from I don't know where. I can't even finish my holiday photos and updates. Whatever it is, without realizing it, last Wednesday was my last day being a chauffeur driving up and down come what may. I have to fetch them from school whether rain or shine, in good health or sickness. There was once the whole place was flooded and the jam was so bad, I actually walked to the school to get them home safely when I was drenched in flood water as some crazy passing by cars just zoomed off and I got splashed from head to toe. I've sacrificed going out with friends for lunch but now that I'm used to it, I would rather cook at home. You may have two more days to go before you scream out loud for finishing high school but I'm the happiest person of all. I no longer need to drive under the hot sun. Love you, both for growing up. I've waited for this moment for 11 long and dry years.
We had our favourite deep-fried plates. Owh... such crunchiness. That's all we had as I have prepared lunch for them. The moment they entered the house, they were attacking lunch. Hmmmm....  SPM is just SPM okay... No straight A's then let it be. Straight A's won't bring you to heaven. Love you both~!

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