Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 6: Shopping at the Outlet...

~19th March 2014~
Pinky has sent me a photo to show me that it's really cheap to shop at the outlet which happened to be in Taichung. So, I agreed that we should go and have a look. How to go to that outlet? How would I know? Hail a cab, jump in and ask that taxi driver to take us there. Drop us at the main entrance. Even if it's the wrong outlet also we wouldn't know. Whatever happen to our thrifty thinking? Take a bus, walk. Taxis are for rich people only. Okay, we are rich then. Amen to that~!

One of Pinky's activities is to shop and shop and shop. Yeah right, we did no shopping at all. 
No photography inside the outlet. There should be spring sales but I wonder why weren't there any shoppers thronging the outlet. The first shop that we set our eyes upon was the one selling branded handbags. I dug out the price tag tucked inside one of the zipper compartment and my eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets. Talk about China selling the most expensive things in their shopping malls where after a slash of 70%, the price of a simple blouse cost 6000++ yuan. There's not much of a difference in Taiwan. Everything was written in five figures. I would need my scientific calculator with me next time if I'm going back there. After all the price slash, we couldn't even afford anything in the outlet. I wonder where do the Taiwanese buy their clothes from? I can buy lots of clothes in Gurney or whichever shopping malls back here, but I couldn't afford to even by a piece of bra at the outlet in Taichung. The price of a bra and the handbag is almost the same. The handbag looks like it's more worth buying than the piece of bra. But I couldn't wear the handbag as a substitute to my bra. So, the conclusion was on the way to the outlet, hopping into taxis and being driven by drivers, we felt like rich people. The moment we entered the outlet and walked out of it empty-handed and with terrible headache and eyesore, we walked out feeling like paupers. We hopped into the next taxi that we could find and asked to be taken to the night market where we felt like rich people again.

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