Friday, November 28, 2014

Eat. Sleep. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

The plan was to wake up late in the afternoon. The hungry stomach woke me up at 10:30a.m. We had the tastier leftovers. We finished cleaning up and returning the house to its usual state at 2a.m. Took a shower early in the morning before shutting off the brain. After a simple lunch, we crawled back upstairs to the bed. I was thinking of going to the horse stable but after checking out the route map, the road seems to be a very long drive. Then, we lie down on the bed still thinking whether to go or not. My precious woke up just to have lunch then crawl back to sleep. She lacks of sleep for a few months already, maybe a few years already. So, I just let her sleep. She's not that keen to get out of the house. So, okay. I strike our trip off temporarily. I did up the photos and only managed to publish one post only about yesterday. I'm really sleepy and tired. Then, I thought of going to the night market in Perak Road. Even the weather is not on my side. The moment I voiced out my suggestion the sky roared with thunder. I looked out and saw that.... *sigh*.... Is that going to blow away?

Owh... It's not going to blow away. Instead, it started showering. So, we crawled downstairs to have something to eat and crawled up again. I think only my phone has been charged 100% while my body is only charged at 10% for eating and crawling up and down the stairs. Right now, I'm comfortably stuck to the computer. Just yesterday, the house looked like it's gonna split apart. Today, it's so quiet. I did not even make it to my front door today. I'm just upstairs and down at the kitchen and the toilet. It's just like eating, sleeping and shitting only. I think all of us are going to crawl back to bed later and wake up late for tomorrow.

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