Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 10: The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard...

~ 23rd March 2014 ~
I've done my homework on the places that I wanted to visit when we were in Kaohsiung. I was adamant to see the Dome of Light at one of the MRT stations. It's the station at R10, the Formosan Boulevard station. The name itself is of upper class and when we arrived at the station, it was really mesmerizing. It's so colourful and brightly lighted up but we did not go into the station. We just admired the place from the entrance because we did not want to swipe our MRT card lest we ran out of cash again.
The man in charge was kind enough to remove the barricades that were standing in the way. I was of course, in a snapping frenzy as we were rushing to go off to another place. I can spend hours standing in one place just to take photos.
Malaysia, can we have this? I have confidence that our people are creative enough to make this happen in Kualu Lumpur Sentral :D I wish to see this soon in our country. No, we're not copycats. Maybe we can do better than this.

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