Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Day 9: Love Themed Minsu in Kaohsiung...

~22nd March 2014~
We should have stayed a day or two longer in Kaohsiung. That's what I regretted. The number of days spent in Taipei should have been cut short. So, if any of you are planning your own trip, I will just say that there's nothing special in Taipei but there's more in Kaohsiung. One should explore the southern part of Taiwan instead of aiming straight at the northern part. Taipei is too commercialized. It has lost it's lustre.
Everything about this place is written in Chinese so I did not take the business card, my mistake. I can't read so I thought why bother now I don't even know how to tell you where this place is situated. It's a beautiful place with much love by the odd-looking bear. I have no idea why I did not snap the main entrance of the minsu. It's a building not like the shoplot that we stayed in in Taichung.
We were so excited when we first entered the room. There's one single bed for the travel buddy and she has a desktop all to herself. There's the sofa set facing the television. We did switch on the television to make some noise but in the end we were noisier than the TV. There's an upper bunk in this room.
That's the staircase model. She's not introducing any facial products or clothing. She's just introducing the staircase so that we will not miss it. As if we will.... I got so excited when I saw the upper bunk...
It's so beautiful. I have wanted to stay in a Japanese-style room in Alishan but since we did not have any choice, we just take everything that's served on the platter. But this looked like a bonus. Even though we could not walk properly or stand up straight, I like the midget feel of Alice in Wonderland. We crawled from the bed to the staircase so that we would knock ourselves silly. Seriously, should have stayed a day or two longer. I did not have enough of that room. Now I'm reminded that I need to do up my house to make it look so pretty.
Heehehehehehee... mi mama liked that place as well....
Finally, I found the photo for the address of this minsu. But now I'm not really sure whether that's the address. It looks like an address to me with the numbers and a hyphen. 
There's this basement parking for the building. So, that's where they store their vehicles. I have never been into such an elevator for vehicles. I wished I have gone down together with Patty and Pinky. Now I wonder when's the next time I will come across this kinda basement parking. I know I'm really outdated.
I have no idea which part of Kaohsiung I was in. But if you want to find this place, maybe you can find it. The building is sandwiched between other buildings so there's no spectacular view from the windows. I think our windows were meant to be for show only. 
That's all I can show for the entrance of the minsu. I don't find any boards or signs for this place. That's why it's a good thing that the taxi we took was able to find it. There are some minsu that's so out of the way that even the locals do not know they existed.

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